Vernon Chua

As Chief Executive Officer, Vernon drives Innergia Labs’ vision and ambition towards a global presence while still being very hands-on in new product development and new market entries.
Vernon’s passion in Information Technology started in his teens and he has not wavered since. Armed with a Bachelor of Information Systems from the University of Melbourne, Vernon started his career as an analyst programmer in Melbourne, then returned to Malaysia to work as a consultant before starting his own venture.
In spite of his naturally busy schedule, Vernon continues to make time for his young children as well as keep up with his interest in cycling.

Justin Chan

Justin, with his focus on innovation and knack for trouble-shooting, spearheads Business Development for Innergia Labs. In his own words, Justin has led a vibrant life from changing career paths to other journeys. Starting out with a degree in Music Technology & Performance from Kingston University, UK, Justin has accumulated eclectic experiences in green technology, event management and advertising. All this makes Justin a powerhouse of energy and verve that mobilises Innergia Lab's exciting proposition.

Kenny Hoh

Kenny, as Innergia Labs’ Sales Manager, leads the efforts to expand SYCARDA’s reach in both the local and international markets. Trained as a network engineer and computer programmer, Kenny brings over 18 years of experience in technology solutions.
Matching his strong technical credentials are his people skills, soothing demeanour and passion to solve people’s problems. In addition, if your problem was a craving for Italian food, Kenny is a master chef at whipping up a mean dish of extra spicy seafood aglio olio.

Kee Hong Sheng

Kee plays the key role of Lead Developer for Innergia Labs. His Masters Degree in Computer Science focuses on Data Interpretation & Analysis, which has been critical to the development of SYCARDA. As Liam Neeson would say, Kee has a very particular set of skills which he has acquired over the course of his career.
Kee is always learning and continues to develop his expertise on Artificial Intelligence having recently completed a year-long course on Data Science with Johns Hopkins University, USA.

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