1. Challenges

As Operations Manager of a successful supermarket chain, Tasha was having issues monitoring their sales activities across all outlets with their ageing point-of-sale system. They faced challenges in auditing their individual stores to check on their managers’ performance. Consequently, this impacted their confidence in growing their chain and establishing more outlets.

2. Solution

After a one-month trial Tasha was suitably impressed with SYCARDA’s ability to consolidate and analyse the numerous data points and reports, comparing the different stores across the entire chain. She duly convinced her management to sign-on immediately.

3. Results

SYCARDA has helped them establish greater control over all their outlets without the prohibitive cost of replacing the entire point-of-sale system. With the level of information they now possess across all their outlets, Tasha and her management now feels confident enough to open new stores and keep growing their chain.

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