Championing Retailers

We believe that the retail sector is the lifeblood of any economy.
As a champion for retailers, SYCARDA gives control back to business owners



Automatically aggregates sales data into user-friendly reports

Platform Independent

Can be installed on most Point of Sales systems

Plug & Play

Effortless installation with minimal disruption to operations

Secure & Scalable

Secure cloud that scales to your business growth

Cost Effective

Monthly fees that are affordable and flexible to suit your needs

How SYCARDA Compares To Others

Retail Sectors We Are Transforming

About Innergia Labs

Our Mission

Innergia Labs is on a mission to help traditional brick and mortar retailers prosper in a challenging and rapidly changing business landscape. One that is increasingly reliant on technology, e-commerce and data analytics.

Our decades of retail experience drives the design and development of our systems specifically for retail. With accurate, timely and detailed business intelligence offered by our systems, retailers are better equipped for effective and expedient decision making. And we do this without breaking the bank!

We are working with various clients from many different retail sectors, particularly Supermarkets & Convenience Stores, Retail Pharmacy, Food & Beverage, Wellness & Beauty, IT & Gadgets, Fashion & Accessories and Sports. But we are not stopping there!

The SYCARDA Brand Story

Our brand SYCARDA is inspired by the cicada, an insect that symbolises longevity, rebirth and transformation. Just like the cicada, our system transforms retail challenges and rebirths businesses. Only through evolution can businesses ensure longevity and ultimately, sustainability.

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Kenny Hoh

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